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Taxi Coffee Blend

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  • Origin Ethiopia & Colombia
  • Region Guji, Yirgacheffe & Cauca
  • Process - Natural, Washed & Washed Experimental
  • Variety - Heirloom, Typica & Castillo 
  • Altitude 1750–1900 masl

Tastes of Strawberry and Chocolate

Suitable for All brewing (Stands out as Milk Espresso)

Taxi Coffee Blend

Taxi – Everyday

An everyday drinking blend compromising of excellent coffees from Ethiopia and Colombia roasted consistently and expertly. A bright washed Yirgacheffe, a fruity natural Guji, and a smooth, sweet, washed Cauca.  The result? A balanced, bright, and smooth milky coffee, or enjoyed as a fruit-forward, rich black coffee. TAXI is tasty, delicious characteristics that make it perfect for starting your morning every day. Recommended for espresso, stovetop, plunger.

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