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Organic Instant Coffee Firetrail

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Organic Chemical Free Instant Coffee 
  • Origin - Ethiopia
  • Region - Tula Village, Bonga, Kibo, Kaffa
  • Farm - Tega and Tula Coffee farm
  • Process - Washed and Natural
  • Variety - Heirloom
  • Altitude 74110, 74112, Bunawashi
  • 50 grams of coffee 25 serves!


Organic Instant Coffee Firetrail

Firetrail Organic Instant Coffee


25 serves (maybe not the cheapest but certainly the best)

Experience high-grade coffee with ease wherever you are 

Using Organic coffee ethically sourced 

Prism thinks that brewing coffee should be easy so we have gone ahead and made a blend into instant coffee.  Using our organic coffees from Ethiopia. Firetrial is made for you when you are on the go and need a great brew

Serving suggestions
Add 2 grams of coffee (roughly one flat tsp) to your favourite mug of hot water (200ml)
Add milk to taste
2 grams of instant is roughly equivalent to 1 espresso shot
Contains 50 grams/25 serves of instant

Firetrail is made using the coffee's in Starlight using a process of freeze-drying which requires no fillers or chemicals.

Freeze-drying provided by our partner's Instant speciality

Coffee's are sourced from origin by our partners Cafeimports 

The prism crew

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