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About Prism Coffee Co


Prism Coffee is a small team of coffee people doing what we love.

All things coffee!

Being a small Coffee Roastery, we focus on sourcing the best quality coffees and making them accessible for as many people as possible. We aim to only share coffees with you that we would drink ourselves. 

We are about making the coffee experience as easy for you as possible. Whether you’re after a delicious everyday coffee, easy online service, exciting single origin’s, damn good decaf, or the hottest coffee products and brew gear.

Prism is for you!



We are always keen to share our coffee and passion with other like-minded, passionate people and grow our community of Prism folk… Whether it’s cultivating a life of sustainable coffee production on your farm, brewing coffee for the masses, or simply savouring our brews in peace and quiet. We would love to hear from you! Drop us a line on our contact form, and we will get back to you.

Enquiries about wholesale are always welcome regardless of your size.



Our coffee and where it comes from is crucial to us, and we aim to only source the best and most ethical coffees we can for our valuable customers.
Coffee is a seasonal crop, and with this in mind, we treat our coffee seasonally. We make sure to source our Single Origin coffees and our Organic Blend Starlight seasonally. This means the crop’s that make up these coffees tend to rotate with the season.

Still, thanks to our excellent sourcing partners, we can make long-lasting relationships with specific coffee farms worldwide! This makes sure we can source the same coffee’s each year.
Our Blends Taxi and Lounge manage to remain consistent year-round! Due to the understanding that some customers like the same cup of coffee every day!
Thanks to excellent sourcing partners, Café Imports, Utopia Coffee and Project Origin. We can ensure you that the love is on both ends of the coffee supply chain. These companies are all dedicated to sourcing delicious specialty coffee and work towards more sustainable and transparent results at origin for coffee farmers. 

If you love Coffee as much as we do support the Specialty Coffee Industry by buying some of our Coffee.

The Prism Fam