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Colombia Monteblanco Filter Coffee

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Colombia Monteblanco Filter Coffee
  • Origin - Colombia
  • Region - Huila
  • Farm - Finca Monteblanco
  • Producer – Rodrigo Sanchez
  • Elevation – 1730masl
  • Variety – Purple Caturra
  • Process – Experimental Natural
  • Importer – Project Origin

Tastes like Raspberry Jam and Caramel with a delicate acidity. This Coffee is best brewed as a filter coffee and shines as a Pourover!

(Our roasters recommend not brewing this coffee on an Espresso because this coffee had been roasted for filter and may be too delicate and acidic for espresso drinking. Can be thoroughly enjoyed as a filter coffee though)

The Purple Caturra Natural coffee at Prism emanates from Finca Monteblanco sourced through our partners Project Origin.

Finca Monteblanco is a coffee farm high up in the Huila region of Colombia currently managed by Rodrigo Sanchez. Monteblanco is an 18 hectares farm at 1730masl on the crest of a hill with the wet mill and drying facilities at the top.

Purple Caturra is a coffee varietal exclusive to Monteblanco as it originated as a mutation that Rodrigo observed on 26 of his 20,000 coffee trees. Rodrigo then went to cultivate an entire lot of these trees.

When buying this coffee, something that excited us at Prism was the Experimental process that the farmers used on the coffee cherries to produce the green coffee we roast. The Caturra purple cherry is harvested at an average of 25° to 26° Brix degrees with a pH of 6. After harvesting, it is transferred to the tanks to begin anaerobic fermentation for the next 250 hours, with a maximum temperature of 33 degrees. It is floated to eliminate impurities and level its temperature. It is left to dry in direct sunlight for the first 6 days, and then it is transferred to the canopies under shade for 24 more days until the drying process is complete.

The final product is a Juicy coffee with delicate acidity that shines as a filter coffee.

Colombia Monteblanco Filter Coffee
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